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Youth Short Film Forum
The Youth Short Film Forum is a cultural melting pot that gathers 800 filmmakers from China and Malaysia in an international platform that discusses an environmental theme in filmmaking.
The Youth Short Film Form aims to increase the awareness and support for environmental causes among budding filmmakers. This is a golden opportunity for local filmmakers to speak and share their ideas, thoughts and filmmaking inspirations on an international stage, witnessed by attendees of respected figures within the filmmaking industry both from Malaysia and China. Short film, while not a new concept in filmmaking, is a relatively new art form that distinguishes itself through the use of a more focused and compact duration while maintaining an overall quality production value. We hope to use short film as a platform for Malaysia & China Youth Short Film and Cultural Exchange Festival to provide more opportunities and ways to greatly promote Malaysia as an ideal country for the development of bilateral film art movement.

The Green World has created a storyboard for a short film called蓝天秘密 (The Secret of Blue Sky) but we need your support to help make this short film project a reality. All we need is your donation to kick start this meaningful project. Help us reach our goal.

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